“We design what we love, not following a fashion agenda nor a trend. We wear our clothes during the day, during the night and we fall asleep in them.”


Maya Kaadan and Evelyna Leferink… Designers and artisans behind A8/02. We met one day by chance and since then everything we did was by chance. Chance of sharing the same tastes, sharing sensitivity and a hint of crazy, sharing kindness and passion. We talk… we talk a lot, to each other, to strangers, to ourselves. We touch, we touch fabrics, we touch hearts, we touch blue colour and sometimes non-colours. And before anything else WE LOVE. We love art, we love poetry and spirituality, we love artisans, we love women a lot and want to empower them.


We create, not only the two of us, but with talented artisans, young artists, local communities and incredibly strong women living in or having fled conflict zones.

We started our adventure with a project named “Les Femmes de Souf ” (The women of wool) , exclusively working with Syrian women refugees and women weavers in Tunisia. We worked two seasons with these incredible people to create handmade, colourful and surprising knitwear. This is how it started and what brought us then to establish Atelier 8/02.

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